David Thompson, MD

Career medical missionary and surgeon

PAACS: A Successful New Paradigm in Medical Missions

Breakout Session
Faith Hall 349
1 Hour CE

Dr. Thompson will use this hour to educate attendees on how CMDA's Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) has made a shift in paradigms regarding medical education. After many years of maintaining one model, they are now shifting to a new model. You will not want to miss this exciting revelation!


• Describe how the classical paradigm for medical missions has prevailed in resource-poor countries for the last 200 years.
• Discuss how to help small medical teams of highly motivated, volunteer Western medical specialists to be more efficient in providing healthcare to enormous populations.
• List ways the classical paradigm for medical missions has promoted early burnout among volunteers and chronic dependence in the communities they practiced.
• Describe how hospital-based specialty training programs for indigenous physicians that are modeled after U.S. residency training programs can provide a higher level of medical care to growing populations, reduce burnout and reduce dependence.
• Evaluate how hospital-based specialty training programs in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT surgery, internal medicine, family medicine and ophthalmology are proving successful in even the poorest regions of Africa.