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Cultivating a Missions Mindset in Surgical Residency

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Healthcare Education As Mission

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Geopolitical & Cultural Changes & the Great Commission

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Home Based Care as Mission

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Caring for Victims of Humanitarian Disasters & Military Conflict

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A Biblical Understanding of Illness and Healing

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The Changing Face of Missions in an Age of Global Pandemic

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Cultural Competency in Healthcare

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What Happens When the Global Church Goes Together?

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Failing as a Missionary; Thriving as a Disciple (2 HOUR SESSION)

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HIV in the South: Southern Africa and the Southern U.S.

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Christian Principles on Science, Medicine and Ethics

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COVID-19 Cancelled My Short Term Trip

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Exploring the Journey to Full Time Missions

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5 Ways Working Internationally Can Boost Your Career

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Better together: Living on Mission with Gen Z

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Theology of Risk: What is the Christian Response to Covid 19?

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