Allan Sawyer, MD, MS

President and CEO, Allan T. Sawyer, MD, LTD

A Long-term Commitment to Short-term Missions

Breakout Session
Faith Hall 346

This session will focus on not just doing short-term medical missions well, but we will look at how to develop a long-term commitment to short-term missions. Sharing 16 years of experience with short-term missions, Dr. Sawyer will share how to do short-term missions, maximizing opportunities to relieve, serve and teach.


1. Relieving: The participant will be able to discuss how to most effectively relieve other healthcare providers on the mission field.
2. Serving: The participant will be able to articulate creative options for effective service with short-term missions.
3. Teaching: The participant will have a broader understanding of how best to teach and leave behind their skills after they conclude a short-term mission assignment.