From Surviving to Thriving: Finding Peace in the Chaos of Missional Living

Breakout Session
Faith Hall 350

Is it possible to be surrounded by need, chaos, and uncertainty and yet still thrive in Missional Living? How? Is it a matter of balance or is it more? This is an important concept and question for you and for your current or future family.

Missional living, by nature, brings both times of surviving and times of thriving. It is unavoidable. However, living in constant survival mode leads to discouragement and disillusionment in ministry. Those in Health Care missions are especially predisposed to feeling this way.

Why does this happen? Is some of this self-imposed? What can and should we do in order to spend most of our time actually thriving? Where are those areas of our lives we should pay more attention to so we are not always in survival mode?

Missional living creates imbalance. In the midst we can thrive and know peace. There are actions to take, safeguards to put in place, and attitudes to adopt towards thriving and knowing peace amidst the chaos.


-List three major obstacles to thriving in Missional healthcare missions.
-Discuss a “balanced life” and ask if it a valid concept.
-Describe five themes in thriving during ministry.
-Describe one or two personal practices you want to focus on in the coming year.