Monty Jacobs, Esq

Director of Global Missions at AdventHealth

Alexandros Coutsoumpos, MD

General Surgeon

U.S. Healthcare Institutions and Global Medical Missions: Models for High Impact Engagement and Successful Practices

Breakout Session
Faith Hall 356
1 Hour CE

During this session, Mr. Jacobs and Dr. Coutsoumpos will explore two areas as it relates to global medical missions. From a hospital’s viewpoint, they will discuss the best ways to interact and support global missions, as well as provide criteria for international engagement, mission alignment, communications and transparency. From a physician’s viewpoint, they will discuss the best way to participate in short-term mission work while still maintaining a successful practice in the U.S., as well as how to write a contract that allows the ability to authorize or preapprove mission work in advance.


• Describe how an organization can choose to be more involved in global missions.
• Discuss how healthcare professionals can provide mission support on a short-term basis.