Mike Chupp, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Christian Medical & Dental Associations (Sept 1)

Rob Congdon, MD

Medical Missionary

Healthcare Education as a Mission Field in the Global Setting

Breakout Session
Business Building 204

This workshop will discuss using healthcare education in a global mission setting. Each of the speakers have a unique personal experience serving in a long-term mission setting.

A. Using Education to Train Local Non-Physician Healthcare Workers – Rob Congdon, MD
Dr. Congdon has served in a variety of mission settings in Africa over the last 30 years. He will discuss his experience in training non-physician healthcare workers in a small health center in South Sudan.

B. Meeting the Need for Nursing Personnel in a Mission Hospital Setting by Starting Nursing Schools – Becki Thompson, RN
Becki Thompson has served in two different mission hospital settings over the last 35 years and has started nursing training programs in both. She will share her experience in doing nursing education cross-culturally and the special need for training national nurses to work in mission hospitals.

C. Using Healthcare Education to Train Postgraduate Physicians to Serve in a Mission or Secular Hospital Setting – Mike Chupp, MD
Dr. Chupp served in a mission hospital (Tenwek Hospital) as a surgeon, educator and hospital director for 20 years. He will share his experience of training interns and surgical residents in a mission hospital setting and why he thinks it is important.